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Top 10 Wild and Scenic River Trips in the US

In this travel blog, take a water-bound journey to the top 10 wild and scenic river trips in the US.

In this travel blog, take a water-bound journey to the top 10 wild and scenic river trips in the US.

#10 Klamath River (Oregon)

Stellar fairytale views are what will greet you as you wanderlust in this exceptional paradise in Oregon. There is fascinating biodiversity and the site is surrounded with countless national forests and amazing wilderness areas. Klamath River’s impressive beauty has been drawing lots of attention across the globe. This particular haven is among the only three that divides the Cascade range and flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Explorers can have exciting outdoor activities in this river site, including fly-fishing! They may even get the chance to catch a large salmon and steelhead! Just be sure to secure a fishing permit and be familiar with the fishing periods before heading here.

#9 Wilson Creek Wild (North Carolina)

This magnificent river in North Carolina is called “Wilson Creek Wild”. It is a perfect destination for explorers who are up for adventurous hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, car camping, fly-fishing, or even backpacking journeying. The Wilson Creek Gorge showcases its thrilling class III, IV, and V rapids that have the most challenging run in the famous Blue Ridge for professional and expert whitewater paddlers. There are also boiling hydraulics and astonishing rapids highlighting the majestic 10-foot waterfalls and 18-foot stair step drop.

#8 Niobrara River (Nebraska)

In Nebraska, this famous destination for kayaks, canoes, and cow tanking has a romantic feature to tell. Niobrara River has western and eastern bird species and can bring you back several years with its fantastic wildlife diversity. For over 145 years, the Niobrara River Valley has been an important source of mammal, fish, and reptile fossils. These interesting fossil remains have been studied scientifically and collections can be found at research institutions, including New York’s American Museum of Natural History and Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. You can ride on a float down the calm waters of the river.

#7 Bruneau River (Idaho)

Located among the gorgeous stark volcanic tableland in Idaho is the phenomenal Bruneau River. There are many fascinating highlights. It is carved in an astonishing 88 foot chasm that looks narrow and steep due to its spectacular depth. This river is for the courageous expert paddler.

#6 Upper Missouri River (Montana)

Trace the footsteps of the prominent explorers Lewis and Clark and traverse along the marvelous geological folds and faults of the so called “Breaks” country in Montana. This legendary paradise has majestic roadless canyon vistas which are a hot spot for fishermen, including the goldeye, drum, sauger, walleye, northern pike, channel catfish, carp, smallmouth, buffalo, and paddlefish. Adventurers may see elk and mule deer. They may even head over for sightseeing on the cliffs to see the beautiful Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

#5 Musconetcong River (New Jersey)

This tourist hub has something epic to tell. Musconetcong River is around 45 miles away from Manhattan, and its waters flow all the way to the rural highlands of the northwestern section in New Jersey. This particular river is covered with hills and it is believed that in the 18th century, they were the source of charcoal for the iron industry. It’s waters are also being changed for Morris Canal in order to bring coal that will come all the way from Pennsylvania to the northwestern section of New Jersey. You will also be able to discover human history that dates back thousands of years ago until the end period of the last ice age season.

#4 New River Gorge (West Virginia)

Paddleboard, kayak, and raft at this majestic site. This marvelous treasure in West Virginia has an ancient history to share. The New River Gorge will transport you back to another time period. It is considered one of the oldest rivers across the globe! Even though it has existed for a long time, the ecological features of this river have been properly maintained, resulting in a peculiar formation of a unique biosphere that is continuously growing and developing. 

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#3 Rio Grande (New Mexico)

This treasure gorgeously rests on deep basalt canyon, where it serves as the natural habitat of trout and birds. Thrillers and passionate whitewater boaters who are not afraid of extreme adventure may enjoy creating remarkable memories on the “Taos Box” that is composed of class IV and V rapids. Those who are not on the expert level may still enjoy a mild yet fun river water exploration on the class II and III section that can be spotted downstream. If you are not that fond of engaging yourself in waters but love land adventures, then head over to the Canyon Rims Recreation Area. In this section of the Rio Grande River, visitors may go camping or have a picnic. Hunters of the past are also welcome to check out this place as the Rio Grande is filled with countless pieces of evidence that have been scattered since the ancient periods. The artifacts and remains are in the form of petroglyphs, prehistoric dwelling sites, and many other fascinating archaeological sites.

#2 Eightmile River (Connecticut)

The iconic Eightmile River located in Connecticut is untouched and unspoiled. It is concealed with astonishing naturalness and covers a large area of undiscovered wildlife habitat. Aside from being a secluded gem, this river paradise houses a spectacular array of peculiar and diverse wildlife and has dazzling vistas, an excellent quality of water, and remarkable cultural highlights. This divine haven is a kind of treasure.

#1 Amargosa River (California)

The Amargosa River in California is famously called the “Crown Jewel of the Mojave Desert.” It has an unbeatable display of diversity with the Wild and Scenic River system. This river runs along the hottest and driest areas in the United States and remains still underneath the surface before going into the Badwater Basin in Death Valley. You can encounter the rarest mammal in the state, whose population counts not more than a hundred, the Amargosa vole. This species can only survive in the wetland area that flows through the river. Explorers may also have fun birdwatching in this hub, as they will be offered endless opportunities for it, and can hike the stellar desert trails in the winter season.

You can explore the captivating wonder of wild and scenic rivers in America. Which of these splendid river trips in the US would YOU want to take? Comment below, we’d love to hear which ones! Thanks for reading, Revellers!
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