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America’s Most Beautiful Winter Hikes

In this travel blog, have an icy journey on America’s most beautiful winter hikes.

In this travel blog, have an icy journey on America’s most beautiful winter hikes.

#10 Upper Geyser Basin (Wyoming)

There is a fact that is often forgotten by the over 4 million visitors of the famous Yellowstone National Park, and that is that there are geysers that still blow hot steam during winter. There is a particular area that receives fewer visitors as it requires a bit of effort to reach. The Upper Geyser Basin in Wyoming is where you will find stunning producers of hot mineral water. It’s trail, around 2.2 miles, isn’t that long, but it’s quite strenuous. You will also be welcomed with some spectacular scenery.

#9 Mazama Ridge Trail (Washington)

You can see Mount Rainier while you are exploring Washington. As the winter months come, its peak is concealed with magnificent snow which makes it an ideal place to hike and play. The Mazama Ridge Trail is a perfect hiking spot for when you want to catch the best view of the famous mountain. It is an active volcano that is 14,410 feet above sea level! Be sure to get a pair of snowshoes and be ready to take on the six-mile trail way.

#8 Gorham Mountain Trail (Maine)

Gorham Mountain Trail in Maine can give you a great chilly vibe. It has an area that is almost empty and looks like a secluded spot. Hikers will have a thrilling exploration on this beautiful trail, that stretches for over three and a half miles. Put on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis to be prepared. You can also go over the snow top when you climb over the spruce forest and above the snow covered granite.

#7 North Shore State Trail (Minnesota)

Minnesota can be a spot for superb cold-weather hiking voyages. You can experience a perfect blend of winter and adventure when you take on the North Shore Trail there. It runs over 146 miles, and you can pass along Lake Superior. This trail is also ideal for newbies who are new to the world of winter hiking, as most of the trails are wide open and flat so there are only a few hard sections.

#6 Cumberland Trail (Tennessee)

For traversing Tennessee from north to south, Cumberland Trail is the ideal spot. This trail is situated inside Oswald West State Park and spans for 282 miles. Planning a trip to this site is best in winter. Explorers who can free up a whole day may also try the marvelous nine and the half mile Possum Creek section. This part will let them see the majestic waterfalls as they walk the wooded creek.

#5 Dream Lake Trail (Colorado)

Dream Lake Trail is an easy hike where the trail stretches over 2.2 miles with well marked signage. On this hike, expect to be welcomed by wide paths and steady elevations that last for about half mile until it cuts off at Nymph Lake. You can also witness a magical view of Hallet Peak that stands at 12,713 feet and has fully jagged snow capped features.

#4 Agassiz Peak (Arizona)

This hiking spot is only open during the winter! Agassiz Peak’s pride is the snow, as it protects the fragile environment, which is crucial because of the trail being unpaved. For the reason why it is exclusive to winter, visit this spot and prepare yourself to hike along the six mile trail that goes up to 3,000 feet. There are stellar landscapes. 

#3 Roundabout Trail (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

Roundabout Trail in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a one-mile flat trail that is the most recommended trail for starters. Winter hikers are advised to wear a pair of snowshoes to be able to reach one of the trails as they depart from Thunderhead Lodge. Thriller hikers who are up to a higher level of adventure may proceed to Duster, which will lead them to Rendezvous hut that has an elevation of 9,235 feet.

#2 Witch Hole Pond Loop (Maine)

Winter explorers can have the best time in Acadia National Park. Witch Hole Pond Loop is a good trail to hike. Even though it’s meant to be covered with snow, it somewhat assures that the traffic is fine, especially during cold months. Even a simple pair of hiking boots will let you move comfortably and smoothly. Don’t forget to have a short stop and sip a hot drink before you continue as this is a great way to enjoy your trip without rush.

#1 Cape Falcon Trail (Oregon)

At this haven in Oregon, you can have the chance to see a pod of gray whales. Cape Falcon Trail has a five mile trail path that leads to a hundred foot outcrop where you can make use of your binoculars and see the migration scene of whales coming from the Bering Sea going to Baja. The whales move Southbound from November to January.

Thanks for reading, Revellers! America has a lot of fantastic winter hiking spots. Each one has its own surprises and things to discover. Which of these exquisite winter hikes in America would YOU take? Comment below, we’d love to hear which ones!
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