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Amazing Lake Hikes

In this travel blog, discover the top 10 backcountry lake hikes that are worth the trek.

In this travel blog, discover the top 10 backcountry lake hikes that are worth the trek.

#10 Walden Pond (Concord, Massachusetts) 

Walden Pond is situated in Concord, Massachusetts and is recognized as a national historic landmark. Trekkers and hikers of this gorgeous lake will have the chance to feel the interesting vibe and visualize the impressive views written about in the 1854 book written by David Thoreau, “Walden”. You can also stroll along the 1.7 mile loop that surrounds the lake and hike over the challenging trails on the Walden Pond State Reservation. Travelers of this paradise may also have fun on picnics with family, swimming along with their buddies, renting canoes, and venturing to legendary sites that date back to the Revolutionary War era.

#9 Ten Lakes Scenic Area (Libby, Montana)

Resting in the faraway northwest section of Montana, the Ten Lakes Scenic Area is a secluded destination. If you are a passionate trekker and hiker, then this spectacular haven is for you. It highlights the marvelous backpacking and hiking opportunities as well as the stellar panoramic landscape views that can be witnessed upon taking the trail. This lake is known to be among the nine original areas which are highly recommended for special wilderness evaluation as stated in the Montana Wilderness Study Act. Visitors can have fun camping, hiking, and horseback riding as these three are the ultimate favorite outdoor activities in this area.

#8 Pyramid Lake (Reno, Nevada)

For a path that showcases a unique visual and is not crowded, check out this sanctuary. A beautiful gem that has a similar size to the famous Lake Tahoe, this epic and wondrous lake site has something interesting to share. It is concealed by stunning hills and sandy, sagebrush desert. Pyramid Lake is in Reno and is a remote location. Activities that can be done in this haven are limited, but you can still have fun fishing, boating, and waterskiing.

#7 Eagle Lake (Lassen County, California)

You can do workout exercises and soak in a swimming lagoon once you hike this beautiful lake that rests in the Lassen County of California. Eagle Lake has an amazing 1.8 mile trail composed of a few steep paths on the starting section. Eventually the trail itself gets easier along the way. You will be greeted with the phenomenal scenery of Lake Tahoe and Sierra high country. You can also have a fabulous picnic at one of the dazzling stopover spots. For more, you can keep going past this haven until you reach the other neighboring lakes, including the Velmas, Dicks, and Fontanillis lakes.

#6 Mirror Lake (Portland, Oregon)

This lake can be found around the gorgeous Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness of Mount Hood National Forest. Mirror Lake has mesmerizing crystal clear water that makes the volcano views and the epic Mount Hood reflect on its fascinating water. As you go to the lake, you will have the chance to enter spectacular lush forests, cross over dazzling streams on footbridges, and relax with nature. During spring and summer, you can see wildflowers including Rhododendrons, Trilliums, and Indians. There are different trails you can hike on and nearby restaurants where you can re-fuel yourself with delicious food.

#5 Phelps Lake (Beaver Creek, Wyoming)

This fantastic lake paradise can be spotted in Beaver Creek, Wyoming. It has the famous “Death Canyon Trail.” As you successfully complete the trail, you can view phenomenal landscapes. Dedicated hikers and backpackers are advised to plan their trip to this lake during July and August, as this period is best to see the charming wildflowers that bloom all over the site. Around the months of August to early September, explorers may swim right in the magnificent lake. Phelps Lake also features a “Jumping Rock”. It is a popularly known rock that can be found at the northern part of the lake. In this area, explorers can try out the thrilling drop of over 10-15 feet to the lake!

#4 Gaylor Lake (Yosemite National Park, California)

Among the captivating hubs that haven’t been seen by most of the people who visit Yosemite National Park, is Gaylor Lake. On the less crowded trails, you can have a peaceful trek along the beautiful trail of this lake. Thislocation is not for beginners, and starts with a steep climb and a stunning elevation of 9,950 feet! For climbers of this trail, it is highly recommended to take every step slowly and remain steady as they go up. Hikers will be rewarded with the exceptional scenery of Dana meadows and the soaring mountain ranges as a backdrop.

#3 Lake Minnewaska (Kerhonkson, New York)

Lake Minnewaska will warmly welcome your pet to go with you on your adventure. This gorgeous location is completely secluded, as it hides at the Catskill Mountains of New York. The glamorous Minnewaska state preserve occupies an over 22, 275 acres of well-protected land in Ulster County. Lake Minnewaska has an alluring appearance, as it is surrounded with white cliffs and a waterfall. It also exhibits the exciting Beacon Hill hiking trail that leads trekkers on the exceptional Carriage Road loop, where they can view the entire splendid scene of the lake.

#2 Sky Pond (Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado)

Two stunningly gorgeous lakes are located above the Timberline Falls of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Among the two, the highest one is known as the Sky Pond, while the lower area is called the Lake of Glass. The trail adventure in this lake is not advised for beginners, as there are complicated obstacles and parts that only hardcore outdoor enthusiasts can surpass. The starting point of the hiking journey is at the Glacier Gorge trailhead area. On the hike, you are meant to pass over the three waterfalls. At the upper section, the trail leads to the two lakes. The Sky Pond is embraced with beautiful fields of columbines and other majestic wildflowers and has a dazzling small shelf waterfall resting on it. At the Lake of Glass, there is a hidden waterfall located underneath it!

#1 Heart Lake (Ontario, Canada)

Romanticists are sure to head to this unique and phenomenal haven that can be found in Ontario. The Heart Lake, just like its name, has a lake shape that has been drawing attention from thousands of couples all over the globe. For the best view of this fascinating haven, get an aerial view. Of course, hiking all the way there is still the best way to witness it up close. Aside from its spectacular heart shape, hiking to this sweet lake will give you opportunities to pass along the alluring wildflowers, view the breathtaking mountain scenes, and once you reach the lake, view the fabulous and eye-catching view of Mount Shasta.

Thanks for reading, Revellers! A backcountry lake hike trip somewhere in the deep mountains can be an exciting adventure. You can enjoy being in a natural setting. Which of these sublime backcountry lake hikes would YOU choose for a trek? Comment below, we’d love to hear your choices!
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